Wellcome to British Immersion

The better way to have a wonderful experience.

Hosting young students is a wonderful and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Your children will be able to make friends with a Spanish student of the same age and, in many cases, forge a friendship for life.

On this website you will find information about our scheme. If you are interested in hosting for us or if you have further questions, please contact us at info@britishimmersion.com.


The aim of our scheme is to provide Spanish children with the opportunity of being immersed in the daily life of a British family in order to practice and improve the language they are learning whilst they also achieve the knowledge of the culture and a love for the country. We need “caring” families with children anywhere in the Manchester-Cheshire area, who would like to host a Spanish child from 24th of June to 22nd of July. A generous allowance of 26 GBP/night is offered to cover all the extras that come along with hosting; taking the children out or any other additional activities. Since 1986 we have been organising these trips, and we are very proud to say that it has been extremely successful. Past host families agree with us that it is a fabulous experience for all those involved. We have had the most gratifying feedback from the families and the participating schools. The children have fun together and all the family benefits from the event. It allows them to make a Spanish friend, many times turning into a long-life friendship.


Any caring families who have children between the ages of 10 and 18 can potentially be a host family for us. Having a spare room for the student is not an essential request, but if sharing, it would have to be with the child of the family, who would be taking the role of the “host brother or sister”. The Spanish child should be made welcome to the same school the host child attends. Most of the schools are happy to support our plan, but unfortunately there are a few schools that cannot see the advantages this experience can add to their pupils’ education. If that were the case, the Spanish child could attend a different local school with a friend, neighbour or relative of the family. Click here to see a list of participating schools. If you cannot find your school on the list, please get in touch as it may be that we have never had dealings with them.


If you fancy hosting, and fit in with our requirements, you may get in touch with us so we can make arrangements to visit and meet you all.  We need information about the whole family, in particular the children, their personal characteristics, hobbies and interests, to fill in a questionnaire, which will allow us to find the best match for you.

During the hosting period it is the family’s responsibility to care for the Spanish child as if he, or she, were one of their own. They must be included in family activities and encouraged to communicate in English.  The allowance covers ALL living expenses; this includes school meals, bus fares to and from school, etc.


We interview the children and their families, in order to make sure they understand what their responsibilities are and what kind of behaviour we expect from them. We gather information on the children’s hobbies and interests to make the best match for them, too.  We make sure that they are well-mannered, good students, eager to learn and mature enough to undertake this experience.


Our students are fully insured to cover any eventualities that may occur while they are in England, details of which can be sent on request.


During the students stay in England Ana Martin will deal with any issues and queries the English families, or the Spanish students, may have, either by phone or by personally visiting you.

We are a small organisation and we pride ourselves on being able to offer you a personal touch. We do our utmost to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs and those of the Spanish children.